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Lucy Loud by Artworkryu Lucy Loud :iconartworkryu:Artworkryu 8 4 Happy birthday 2 by Artworkryu Happy birthday 2 :iconartworkryu:Artworkryu 1 0 Happy Birthday Oskar Schindler by Artworkryu Happy Birthday Oskar Schindler :iconartworkryu:Artworkryu 2 0 Danganronpa OC Noriko (finished) by Artworkryu Danganronpa OC Noriko (finished) :iconartworkryu:Artworkryu 1 1
Unknown fear
Unknown Fears
by ReaderRyu
Author Note:  This Oneshot songfic is inspired by the song “Emperor New Clothes” by Panic at the Disco (Youtuber Natewanttobattle did a cover of this song and he did pretty well good on it too.)  Youtuber DrawKill FNAF models and FNAF Series episode one by GoldenLane Studio.  I don't own the lyric, don't own Megaman and the characters (including the Ruby-Spears versions).  I, however, own my own Ocs.
    Azgul Castle or once was Azgul Castle was now a pile of stones and bricks thank to the explosion of the laboratory.   The explosion destroys most of the Castle and nothing was spared from the destruction of the lab.  Even three weeks after that event… It has reminds destroyed ever since then.   But what Dr. Wiley, Protoman,  Wiley Robot Masters and even Megaman and his family and even Evelyn Ray didn't know that Azgul Castle used to belong to someones else and it still owned, even afte
:iconartworkryu:Artworkryu 2 0
Remembering the past by Artworkryu Remembering the past :iconartworkryu:Artworkryu 2 6
Birthday poem for Kaitlin
You are dear to your friends
Never give up on your talents
Don't let your lightning go out
Your cherish your OC from old and new
From Classic to game to cartoon
May this Electric bot fill your heart with love.
:iconartworkryu:Artworkryu 3 2
Danganronpa OC Akira by Artworkryu Danganronpa OC Akira :iconartworkryu:Artworkryu 2 3 Dera by Artworkryu Dera :iconartworkryu:Artworkryu 0 0 Second Date by Artworkryu Second Date :iconartworkryu:Artworkryu 4 2 Skull Man by Artworkryu Skull Man :iconartworkryu:Artworkryu 1 0 Alazne Dayson aka Llama nina by Artworkryu Alazne Dayson aka Llama nina :iconartworkryu:Artworkryu 0 0 Kaliegh by Artworkryu Kaliegh :iconartworkryu:Artworkryu 1 0 Refracted Reflection cover by Artworkryu Refracted Reflection cover :iconartworkryu:Artworkryu 1 0 MMRS OC Celsius by Artworkryu MMRS OC Celsius :iconartworkryu:Artworkryu 0 12 ID Monster by Artworkryu ID Monster :iconartworkryu:Artworkryu 1 1


Basic HTF style tutorial by H-T-F Basic HTF style tutorial :iconh-t-f:H-T-F 194 23 Sweet Dreams, Brother Dearest by RaccoonTwin-3 Sweet Dreams, Brother Dearest :iconraccoontwin-3:RaccoonTwin-3 9 8
a poem for The Blue Bomber...
I've played the games,
I watch the shows,
I've read the comics,
I admire the characters
and the plots of each episode.
I especially adore...
Mega Man.
A super fighting robot
with the design of a kid,
with a heart of gold,
and many, MANY siblings.
The Original,
NT Warrior,
Star Force,
They're all the same,
but at the same time,
they're incredibly different.
Watching the shows,
Ruby Spears,
NT Warrior,
Star Force,
even the X Movie,
I wish they could transfer from the screen into my presence,
just like he, Rush, Proto Man, and Roll did in the OVA.
I'm lonely.
I'm really really shy.
I want to be his friend.
I want to play with him.
I want to give him hugs.
But (I feel like) I can't...
I don't have the ability to reach into a screen,
take Rock by the hands,
and pull him into my arms.
I could reach until my biceps turn blue,
I could lean towards him until I fall over,
I could curl up in my blankets until I feel a pair of arms wrap around me in a warm embrace that wouldn
:iconraccoontwin-3:RaccoonTwin-3 2 3
Underfell - The Good Inside - pg 8 END by THEpinknekos Underfell - The Good Inside - pg 8 END :iconthepinknekos:THEpinknekos 1,412 257 181 by SunlessVoidx 181 :iconsunlessvoidx:SunlessVoidx 35 8
Megamnesia deaths
“You two go ahead and charge.” Protoman said, glancing at the two robots shifting nervously in their seats.
Cutman and Gutsman exchanged a nervous glance before looking back to the oldest robot, “Are you sure?” Gutsman asked.
“It’s watching monitors, Guts. I think I can handle it on my own.” The red robot responded with a roll of his eyes, though unseen due to his visor. “You two dumb-bots’ve been jumping at shadows all day. Startin’ to get on my nerves.”
“But…but that girl—” Cutman was abruptly cut off.
Doesn’t exist. This place is just getting to you.”
“But I saw her too!” Gutsman insisted.
“Yeah, after Cutman started spouting ghost nonsense.” He shot a pointed look at the scissor-wielding robot, who quickly broke eye contact. “You’re both just imagining things and I swear to God if it interferes with my business I’l
:iconkaity-chameleon:Kaity-Chameleon 3 23
Rockman Vampire Hunter: Elecman Cutman Bosses by KaitlinEXE Rockman Vampire Hunter: Elecman Cutman Bosses :iconkaitlinexe:KaitlinEXE 19 4 Mega Man Support :PLEASE READ: by TerraTerraCotta Mega Man Support :PLEASE READ: :iconterraterracotta:TerraTerraCotta 89 82 Mad World by General-RADIX Mad World :icongeneral-radix:General-RADIX 32 18 Who are they by AM05 Who are they :iconam05:AM05 41 9
Unique Experiences
"I hope you're ready for this Jace!" Tidas proclaimed as he rushed at his friend and rival Jace, his trusted sword Requiem firmly in his hand as the other Deku readied himself, his own sword Guardian's Repentance glowing with energy as the long serrated blade soon took a hit from the larger and heavier sword Tidas had. And thankfully for Jace, not only did the blade not break from the impact, it was seemingly being able to match the strength Tidas had put into his sword just as equally as both blonde Deku Scrubs smirked at each other before they jumped away from each other. Jace, along with his wife Iris, were visiting Hyrule at the moment and were staying with their friends Tidas and his mate Maple, who was polishing the Master Sword at the moment as she and Iris watched the two males spar with each other on the outskirts of the Gerudo Fortress near Tidas and Maple's home in the valley. The girls continued to watch the two guys spar with each other as Iris sighed a bit in boredom, tho
:icontmk0009:tmk0009 2 2
Hand in Hand by SuperAlex64 Hand in Hand :iconsuperalex64:SuperAlex64 10 5
Reunion and Aftermath
With the Yogi Yahooies...
The last thing ANYONE ever saw was the organization, yelling as they held up thier signs and thier guns drawn, the last thing heard were the shots of the weapons being fired....Then everything went white...Then faded to dark...
Yogi opened his eyes before he sat up in his bed, panting and sweating from the dream....Least that's what he believes it was...He wiped his forehead and calmed his breathing down before he got up from his bed and looked around. He was in his hotel room in the Long Arms Hotel. Yogi thought back to what had happened. One minute his team were in front of the stadium, waiting for the other teams with the Really Rottens, then the gang with weapons...Then white....WHat the heck happened?
He remembered himself and Cindy, shielding BooBoo and getting shot...Then darkness enveloping them as they died....Didn't they die? He was so confused...Just then, his room phone rang. He went over and answered it.
Yogi: Yogi Bear s
:iconcoopergal24:CooperGal24 9 12
Changing Fate
Ranger Smith, Kat, Aurora and Jewel were all there at Dick's old hangar with Sarah, Karen, Sid, Hallie, Annie, Blue Falcon, DynoMutt, Hong Kong Phooey, Dick and Dan Dastardly, Daisy, Muttley, Mumbley, the Dalton Brothers, Snag, Mildew, Snooper, Blabber, Mondo, Rabbit and Top Cat. They were all there for one reason and mission: To stop a crisis and tragedy from ever happening. Lily, Lina, BooBoo, Augie, Baba were at the Crowne's tower, being watched by Clara, Angel and Bionica, as they tried to comfort the kids over the los of thier families.
When Top Cat got the word, he instantly began to search through every book and website articles about time traveling...Until he got a call from an annonymous caller, telling him about a time amulet. It was a garnet amulet that allowed anyone to travel through time, be it past or future. She told him that she sent the package to Dick with a letter explaining everything.
Before Top Cat could say anything else except thanks, she hung up....Anya sat ba
:iconcoopergal24:CooperGal24 7 14
Laff-A-Munich, My Way
The Really Rottens couldn't believe what they were seeing.  A group of humans from an organization called "Wild Animals Need To Stay Wild" just gunned down the entire team of the Yogi Yahooies!
They may be villains but they'd never harm anyone…and especially not kill anyone!
Snagglepuss darted over and stared horrified at his friends.  His paws flew over his mouth and he squeezed his eyes shut as tears leaked out.  "No….no…."
The Scooby Doobies came up.  Many of them tearful and they bowed their heads.
The police and ambulances began loading up the bodies.  It was heartbreaking to see the little body of Augie Doggie being pried out of his father's arms and BooBoo out of Yogi and Cindy's.
Mildew put a paw on Snag's shoulder.  "You go to your hotel room….I'll tell the world what happened."
The pink mountain lion only nodded as he turned and left.
In Texas, Baba Louie cried on his bed over the death of Quickdr
:icondollgirl:DollGirl 5 8
John just couldn't believe....His friends were all dead. Yogi, Huck, Cindy, Quick Draw....Everyone....It had been on the news this morning, the Yogi Yahooies were shot and killed by some horrific organization, complaining about how animals should stay in the wild.
He listened as his whole face paled in horror and shock. He was thankful that Snag, Augie, BooBoo, Snooper and Blabber were the only friends left that survived, but his whole heart just broke...How would the other rangers feel about this? Had they watched the news as well about the death of Yogi and his friends?
He got up, slowly went over to the station door and locked it before he went over to the phone and called the Supreme Commissioner, telling him what happened in a hallow voice. The Supreme Commissioner didn't believe at first until he saw the news....The tough general like man was silent in horror...He then sighed and told John to inform the other rangers while he takes care of arrangerments for a service in Yogi and
:iconcoopergal24:CooperGal24 6 12


My cat Pride is dead.   It happen so fast, one minute he jump on the table and next thing he fell down.   I gonna miss you Pride and so do Twitch and Jigen.   :(:(  :( :( :( :( :( :( :( 
It my birthday today and I'm 28 year old now.
My nephew weight 7 pound, 15 ounce and he tall in 20 in.  His name is Hayden.  I'm really a aunt now.
My cat Pride is dead.   It happen so fast, one minute he jump on the table and next thing he fell down.   I gonna miss you Pride and so do Twitch and Jigen.   :(:(  :( :( :( :( :( :( :( 


Jamie Vick
United States
I'm 19 year old and I'm white female who like anime,manga,video game and cartoon.


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