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Lucy Loud by Artworkryu Lucy Loud :iconartworkryu:Artworkryu 7 3 Happy birthday 2 by Artworkryu Happy birthday 2 :iconartworkryu:Artworkryu 1 0 Happy Birthday Oskar Schindler by Artworkryu Happy Birthday Oskar Schindler :iconartworkryu:Artworkryu 2 0 Danganronpa OC Noriko (finished) by Artworkryu Danganronpa OC Noriko (finished) :iconartworkryu:Artworkryu 1 1
Unknown fear
Unknown Fears
by ReaderRyu
Author Note:  This Oneshot songfic is inspired by the song “Emperor New Clothes” by Panic at the Disco (Youtuber Natewanttobattle did a cover of this song and he did pretty well good on it too.)  Youtuber DrawKill FNAF models and FNAF Series episode one by GoldenLane Studio.  I don't own the lyric, don't own Megaman and the characters (including the Ruby-Spears versions).  I, however, own my own Ocs.
    Azgul Castle or once was Azgul Castle was now a pile of stones and bricks thank to the explosion of the laboratory.   The explosion destroys most of the Castle and nothing was spared from the destruction of the lab.  Even three weeks after that event… It has reminds destroyed ever since then.   But what Dr. Wiley, Protoman,  Wiley Robot Masters and even Megaman and his family and even Evelyn Ray didn't know that Azgul Castle used to belong to someones else and it still owned, even afte
:iconartworkryu:Artworkryu 2 0
Remembering the past by Artworkryu Remembering the past :iconartworkryu:Artworkryu 2 6
Birthday poem for Kaitlin
You are dear to your friends
Never give up on your talents
Don't let your lightning go out
Your cherish your OC from old and new
From Classic to game to cartoon
May this Electric bot fill your heart with love.
:iconartworkryu:Artworkryu 3 2
Danganronpa OC Akira by Artworkryu Danganronpa OC Akira :iconartworkryu:Artworkryu 2 3 Dera by Artworkryu Dera :iconartworkryu:Artworkryu 0 0 Second Date by Artworkryu Second Date :iconartworkryu:Artworkryu 4 2 Skull Man by Artworkryu Skull Man :iconartworkryu:Artworkryu 1 0 Alazne Dayson aka Llama nina by Artworkryu Alazne Dayson aka Llama nina :iconartworkryu:Artworkryu 0 0 Kaliegh by Artworkryu Kaliegh :iconartworkryu:Artworkryu 1 0 Refracted Reflection cover by Artworkryu Refracted Reflection cover :iconartworkryu:Artworkryu 1 0 MMRS OC Celsius by Artworkryu MMRS OC Celsius :iconartworkryu:Artworkryu 0 12 ID Monster by Artworkryu ID Monster :iconartworkryu:Artworkryu 1 1


You Called by dleghost You Called :icondleghost:dleghost 1 4 The Impossibles by Gina-Sadiren The Impossibles :icongina-sadiren:Gina-Sadiren 41 23 Evil Dwarfs - Don't you wanna be evil, like me? by CeCelahermosa Evil Dwarfs - Don't you wanna be evil, like me? :iconcecelahermosa:CeCelahermosa 6 5 Evil Dwarfs by CeCelahermosa Evil Dwarfs :iconcecelahermosa:CeCelahermosa 18 8 Boss Dingo color by Greasy-LucarioYun Boss Dingo color :icongreasy-lucarioyun:Greasy-LucarioYun 11 2 Mega Man by Elimmc Mega Man :iconelimmc:Elimmc 66 19 Motivational Courage by Cartuneslover16 Motivational Courage :iconcartuneslover16:Cartuneslover16 84 10 Shade the Eevee by tmk0009 Shade the Eevee :icontmk0009:tmk0009 8 3 Everything is okay now... by tmk0009 Everything is okay now... :icontmk0009:tmk0009 2 0 Finally Free?? by Carol-aredesu Finally Free?? :iconcarol-aredesu:Carol-aredesu 3 3
supposed to be a halloween fic
*It was a rainy night when the set 3 was thinking on what happened. they were living in the underground area of the ruins of a wily castle. They didn't believe about the last battle. Topman was the most affected as he was crying loud uncontrollably. The others couldn't help but feel sadness as well because of the pain of their brother.*
Sparkman.: Why...
Magnetman.: Wily managed to find a weakness for Megaman but... *look to Topman* I dunno... I feel weird it is like...
Hardman.: Ya're feeling his pain too, as we also cared about Ranay.
Mangetman.: ............. Roll with megaman took her to the Hospital as there was a chance for save her... but...
*Everyone looks to the other corner of the room, Needleman was looking with an angry face to everyone*
Geminiman.: H-Hey, don't need t
:iconcarol-aredesu:Carol-aredesu 2 3
I'm A Replica by Greasy-LucarioYun I'm A Replica :icongreasy-lucarioyun:Greasy-LucarioYun 2 7 Back Home by Greasy-LucarioYun Back Home :icongreasy-lucarioyun:Greasy-LucarioYun 2 4 Horror Clefairy's Story by Ricku
Mature content
Horror Clefairy's Story :iconricku:Ricku 24 19
Finally Happy by creepypastaluver4evr Finally Happy :iconcreepypastaluver4evr:creepypastaluver4evr 4 5 Horror Charmander's story by Ricku
Mature content
Horror Charmander's story :iconricku:Ricku 20 43


My nephew weight 7 pound, 15 ounce and he tall in 20 in.  His name is Hayden.  I'm really a aunt now.
Who been stealing Rouge-the-bat-777 artworks!?    She is very good artist if I'm find a stolen artwork of Rouge-the-bat-777 You will regret it.  I will beat you so badly that you be pooping your innards coming out of your ###hole so hard.
Happy Birthday Oskar Schindler
This two part comic is inspired (and kinda based) Cartuneslover16 Micheal Jackson comic and I hope you not mad at me.  I did well on Kyle, but not on Germany, Cyborg 004, Isabella and Mort Goldman ( I think I did a good version of my art self, but it the hands that I'm bad at).

I wanted to talk about Oskar Schindler.   I learned about him when I was in middle school or high school about "Night" in language art class.  I came across "Schindler List".

It was based on real life Nazi saving Jews.  At first I was skeptical at first;  A Nazi saving Jews,  That impossible; all Nazi are evil.  My La art teacher noticed this and recommend it to me.

I first started reading it, but as I kept reading it over and over again.   My view on him was different;  At first thought, he just gonna be one of those evil Nazi, but as I kept on reading,  I noticed that he was different from the rest of the Nazi in my head.   He saved those Jews by having them working in his factory.   Men, Women, Children and even persons with disabilities were claimed to be necessary mechanics and metalworkers.

That book; based on real live event about a man changed my life.  Oskar Schindler,  I wish you a happy birthday.

Kyle is from South Park which is I don't own.

Germany is from Hetalia also I don't own.

Cyborg 004 is from Cyborg 009 is also I don't own.

Isabella is from Phineas and Ferb show that I don't own.

Mort Goldman is from Family Gut show that I don't own.

My art self version of myself belong to me. 
My nephew weight 7 pound, 15 ounce and he tall in 20 in.  His name is Hayden.  I'm really a aunt now.


Jamie Vick
United States
I'm 19 year old and I'm white female who like anime,manga,video game and cartoon.


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As a thanks for the nice requests you've made... I will request something The Loud House related...

Lucy Loud and Anubis Necromancess Beta (Who traveled to the past) having a talk, and Lucy unintentionally says something that triggers Anubis' previous memories, he finally tells the truth: He is Lucifer, the son of her in the future who was killed and then was transformed into a Reploid...
Artworkryu Featured By Owner Edited Oct 25, 2017
But right now, my back is hurting me, I'm feeling nausea that I'm gonna vomiting, got big pimple on my back that kinda hurt and it the third day of my timely month.  I'm not making this up.
Artworkryu Featured By Owner Edited Oct 25, 2017
Do you got a picture of Anubis Necromancess Beta? Better yet, can you send me a guide of how to draw Anubis Necromancess Beta?
Greasy-LucarioYun Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2017  Student General Artist
Artworkryu Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2017
I don't know if I can draw reploid nor Loud Family.  I'm sorry but I will tried.
Greasy-LucarioYun Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2017  Student General Artist
Artworkryu Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2017
If can't Lucy or Anubis or both, At least I can draw Lucy?  I will tried to draw Lucy right. 
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Thank you.
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I'm a aunt now!!
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